Newbie help required on video & slide presentations

Hey guys

I’ve just contracted the ON24 platform so a real newbie! I am looking at running live, simulive and on-demand sessions eventually, but for now I’d like to know:

How do I run a presentation-style webinar with slide deck and a video of my speaker’s face for either simulive/on-demand? How would recording the video work with the slide deck running alongside it if one is using Zoom for the recording platform, for example?

Thank you!

For Simu-live, you’d be able to record the presenter media via Zoom if you wanted and load that into the back-end. Then you could load the slide deck into the platform and you can set the timings for each slide to appear during the presentation, so like first slide is 00m 00s, second slide is 02m 14s and that’s all done through presentation manager on the back-end. Once you have all that, you can publish it through presentation manager and then it will run as if it is a live event at the time you schedule.

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Or a work-a-round we use often is record a event as LIVE but without any audience, and import the media from that recording into your Simulive event. This way you can do it ALL in ON24 @holly


Very helpful, thanks @miles.szkoda.1!

Very helpful, thanks @sanne!

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Yep, we do it the same way normally!

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Thanks Sanne that is exactly the answer I have been looking for! I have spent my whole day fighting with Simulive! Would you do this for speaker only or speaker with slides?

Hi @leanne I would do it for both options.